SARM Canada products are renowned for being the most important factor in building muscle mass remarkably. Thus, you might want to buy SARMs in Canada to improve your athletic performance or achieve your dream look. Hence, whatever your reason is, it is advisable to know how to gain muscle with SARMs. Therefore, this article will show you the best ways to put on extra pounds of muscle and how to make the most of the best SARMs for Bulking.


Selective androgen receptor modulators are the fastest ways to gain muscle mass without dealing with any side effects. Since anabolic steroids come with many notorious side effects, most users prefer SARMs for bulking. More so, users can stack the different SARM Canada products to reap multiple benefits.

SARM Canada supplements can be divided into the best SARMs for bulking and the best SARMs for fat loss. In addition, we have included stacking options for beginners as well as advanced bodybuilders.

The best SARMs for bulking

Generally, all SARMs will help you bulk up and result in gains in muscle mass. However, we have compiled the SARM Canada supplements with the best results:

  • RAD 140 (Testolone)

This is the strongest SARM for sheer gains in muscle mass and strength. However, it also has the highest side effects relative to other SARMs. Users can start with a 5mg dose and scale it upwards depending on how the body tolerates it.

  • LGD 4033

You should always include this SARM Canada product in your stack because it is the most popular product for bulking. Not only does it dramatically increase protein synthesis, but it also aids glycogen storage and blood flow. As a result, users always experience longer workouts, bigger pumps, and faster recovery. Furthermore, the best thing about LGD 4033 is its extremely affordable price.

  • YK 11

YK 11 is a myostatin inhibitor. As a result, it helps you to build muscle rapidly. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of more follistatin by the muscle cells. The potent supplement is also becoming increasingly popular for its role in fat loss. Hence, it is also among the best SARMs for fat loss.

  • MK 677

MK-677 is an exceptional alternative to Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The oral solution is much more cost-effective and produces the same spikes in the endogenous growth hormone. Moreover, MK-677 improves the quality of sleep in its users.

What You Need To Know About Bulking Up

Before you begin your SARM cycle to gain muscle, you need to understand the following basic principles:

  • Diet: A healthy diet plays a vital role in the success of a bulking cycle. Hence, your meals should contain a high caloric surplus as well as high amounts of protein. As a rule of thumb, you should not consume less than 1g of protein per pound of your body weight. More so, you should take your biggest carbohydrate meal just after you have completed your workout.
  • Fluid intake: Ensure that you stay hydrated at all times. Hydration is pivotal in gaining muscle and the metabolism of SARM Canada supplements. Hence, you should not even wait until you are thirsty before taking a glass of water.
  • Workout routine: Your workout regimen should be solid enough to help you gain the most pounds of muscle with your SARMs. For instance, high intensity and high volume workout programs yield better results with the best SARMs for bulking. Training lazily would definitely not yield as many results.

Workout Models To Gain Muscle Mass With Sarms

SARM Canada Supplement Stacking For Beginners

If you are new to workouts or just getting started with SARMs, the stack below will guarantee you an average of 7-10 pounds over two months.

WeekSARM Canada supplement and Dose

LGD 4033
5 mg
MK 677
25 mg
25 mg25 mg
310 mg25 mg
410 mg25 mg
515 mg25 mg
615 mg25 mg
720 mg25 mg
820 mg25 mg

SARM Canada Supplement Stacking For Advanced Users

The stack below will give you extreme results (up to 20ibs muscle). However, it is for people who have many experiences with SARM Canada supplements.

SARM Canada supplement and Dose
(last column is YK-11)
15 mg7.5 mg25 mg7.5 mg
25 mg7.5 mg25 mg7.5 mg
310 mg15 mg25 mg10 mg
410 mg15 mg25 mg10 mg
510 mg15 mg25 mg10 mg
610 mg15 mg25 mg10 mg
715 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg
815 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg
915 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg
1015 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg
1120 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg
1220 mg15 mg25 mg15 mg

N.B: Both beginners and advanced users can split doses between morning and night to ensure stable levels of SARMs in their blood.

Supplement Support

When taking SARM Canada supplements, ensure that you include other supplements such as fish oil, protein powder, creatine, and so on. This will help your body to run efficiently when you are on a cycle. Furthermore, after your bulking cycle, you might want to consider post-cycle therapy. Tamoxifen or Clomid are good options for a PCT.

Bottom line

After you buy SARMs in Canada, the next step is to use them in the right way. Furthermore, remember that you should buy your stacks from the same place to make accurate dosage easier to achieve. In conclusion, you will gain the most out of your SARM Canada products when you combine your bulking cycle with the right diet and training.

Hence, following our guide and recommendations will guarantee you the results that you desire. Moreover, it is important to only purchase SARMs from reputable sources to avoid fake products’ perils or outrageous prices.