You are always likely to hear of steroids when people mention SARM Canada products. This is because scientists, doctors, and bodybuilders have continuously compared SARMs with steroids. As a result, those seeking to buy SARMs in Canada need to know the difference between the two compounds.

You might hear that the best SARMs for bulking and the best SARMs for fat loss are better than steroids. Yet, it is important to know the reasons behind such statements. This article reveals to you a full comparison between SARM Canada products and steroids. As a result, you will know the various reasons why SARMs seem to be superior to steroids.

What Are SARMs?

SARM means Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. They are a new class of androgen receptor ligands that are tissue-selective. In simple terms, they help users to build muscle without a lot of side effects.

This unmatched feat in bodybuilding has roused many people to buy SARMs in Canada. The compounds bind to certain androgen receptors; some do not even bind at all. SARMs alter their function and bring out the positive side effects (increased muscle tone and mass, reduced fat, and improved joint health). They do this while avoiding the negative ones.

What Are Steroids?

Anabolic steroids, or simply “steroids,” are a group of testosterone and nor-testosterone analogs that induce muscle growth in humans. That is to say; they are synthetic compounds. They act by binding to all testosterone receptors in the body without any selective action.

For instance, when someone takes Testosterone Enanthate, it attaches to all androgen receptors. Therefore, it also affects the heart muscles, blood vessels, prostate, and many more organs. As a result, while there are increased protein and muscle mass, users have an enlarged prostate, hair loss, and acne.

Comparing SARMs And Steroids

While both compounds are somewhat similar, there are vast differences between them. Hence, we will be highlighting the similar features as well as the differences.

Similar features

  • Both SARM Canada products and steroids work by binding to androgen receptors. Thus, they induce DNA changes to increase muscle growth.
  • Both are artificial compounds and can suppress the body’s own testosterone production, albeit on different scales. (That’s why you should use a PCT – click here to learn more)
  • They have a long-standing link with bodybuilding and strength training.


The table below summarizes the difference between SARMs and steroids at a glance.

Strong anabolic effectsStronger anabolic effects
Low levels of toxicityMedium to high levels of toxicity
Not hormone-basedHormonal in nature
Has few side effectsNumerous side effects
Usually taken orallyMaybe injected or taken orally

We will discuss each of the points above for better understanding.

Anabolic effects: Steroids work faster than SARMs and show more muscle gains. However, several studies shows SARMs to be way more effective in keeping your muscle gains in the long term.

Toxicity levels: SARM Canada products are legal and safe all over the country. Scientists have shown that SARM Canada compounds are less toxic than regular steroids. Lifters who want to buy SARMs in Canada should anticipate about 5% of the side effects that accompany steroids.

Hormonal activity: The hormonal activity of steroids means that they might be more erratic than SARM Canada products. This unreliable behaviour of steroids could affect baseline hormonal functions in the body.

Side effects: While there is no hard-core evidence, some SARMs come with their own side effects. For instance, Andarine, a SARM, is notorious for giving its users’ vision problems. Some people complain of a yellow or green-tinged vision. This is why we are not selling this compound. There might be few others side effects, However, these cases are few and far between when compared with steroids.

Mode of ingestion: Oral intake of products is generally safer than any other route. If you want to buy SARMs in Canada, you will find out that most of them come in the form of pills. Though steroids also have pills, they have many more injectable options.

Bottom Line

The “SARMs vs. Steroids” argument has continued to exist for several decades. Research highlights the different pros and cons of each of the compounds. While choosing the best SARMs for bulking and the best SARMs fat loss had been difficult, it is clear that SARMs have overtaken steroids in the fitness world. Moreover, SARMs are safer than steroids due to their low toxicity and much fewer side effects.

If you want to speed up your muscle growth and definition more naturally and without coercing your body with harmful substances, you should buy SARMs in Canada. They are better than steroids in almost every department. Depending on your goals, you might a different answer when you ask why SARM Canada products are better than steroids.

While steroids give more muscle growth within a limited time, their side effects make them undesirable. Whether you are buying the best SARMs for bulking or the best SARMs for fat loss, always remember their benefits over steroids.