The Mass Duo

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(1 x RAD-140 + 1 x MK-677)

Each bottle contains 30ml.

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Best Sarms for muscle gain.
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14 reviews for The Mass Duo

  1. William Lafontaine

    Best duo ever

  2. PascalCC

    This stack was for my friend and so far its good results. He have gain some litle weight after just 2week and he go lot more stronger. just watch dosage with mk677 , he was getting numb hand. But problem fix with half dose.

  3. Sebastien Massicotte

    Perfect product !

  4. Marc-André.G

    Produit parfait.

  5. Lorne A

    Yes definitely my favorite 2 products … together they are a powerful combo!

  6. bobsalo196


  7. lenzap

    I find it has a bit of a bitter taste at first but the mk677 I’m more rested. The rad 140 I find I’m not as sluggish as early in the afternoon which is 9 hrs later after taken

  8. Frédéric Tanguay


  9. Leonard Zaplitney

    I found the combo great for lean gains

  10. Tomy Marchessault Gendron

    Super produit et très bon goût !

  11. Juvy

    excellent product.

  12. Juvy

    excellent product!

  13. Dany Halle

    acheté le stack de 60 jours bien hate de sentir les résultats,je suis présentement au maximume de ma puissance au naturel donc le résulta devrais etre un solid gain
    5 étoile j usqua maintenantont verra apres le cycle….

  14. Brad Brewer

    Great product! Great service!

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