The Performance Duo (Crossfit)

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1 x SR-9009 + 1 x GW-1516

Each bottle contains 30ml.

GW-1516 + Sr-9009. Perfect for Crossfit athletes who need better perfomances and overall better cardiovascular functions. Please look at individual products for descriptions.

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6 reviews for The Performance Duo (Crossfit)

  1. Maxime Rougeon

    Les meilleurs produits à combiner ensemble!

  2. Holly Bouchard

    Started this week already feeling something. More energy in my workouts so far!

  3. Harry Rowder


  4. infos1

    Très bon duo!

  5. c.courret

    Au top 😁💪🏼

  6. CrossManala

    Bon complément pour une meilleure récup

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